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25 Years of GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc.

In April of 1992, GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc. was formed, providing non-emergency medical transportation services to patients from all walks of life. The business started with a one van operation run by Connie and her son. Through the years, more children decided to join the business. They dedicated themselves to the business, them working in different roles from driving to scheduling to dispatching…all the works. From the very beginning, they have believed that the only way for the business to thrive and to grow is to follow the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ – to serve and to care for people the way God did. Now, 25 years later, GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc. still holds onto to the same mission and vision. Starting with just one vehicle, GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc. now operates a fleet of vehicles. The business has hired employees and expanded to serve select cities in the Counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino with the same compassion, care and love it has shown since its inception.

For reaching its 25th year milestone, GoodFaith celebrated by honoring God, thanking and appreciating its employees. Connie tended a party for the employees, and for the employees to have a good family day in itself, their respective families were invited. GoodFaith is honored and thankful for the hard work and dedication each of its employees does in serving the patients with the same love, compassion and care through the years. Connie handed red roses to the spouse/significant other of each employee thanking them for blessing the company with its employees. Cookies were also given out to the children. We had lots of fun, games and yes, lots of food!!! Truly, GoodFaith is blessed and thankful to have outstanding employees who exemplify what the company believes and stands for—truly blessed and thankful!

Check out the photos from our 25th Anniversary Party below.

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Note: Due to challenges in the lighting background, we have decided to adjust some photos to black and white.



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