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GoodFaith Medical Transportation Inc., Co. and the California Sun

GoodFaith Medical Transportation Inc., Co. and the California Sun

hot weather and employees in CaliforniaSummer is in full swing here in southern California. That means plenty of sunshine and warm weather. And, it's not just warm, it's hot! We've already had plenty of days reach over 100 degrees. It's important to take into consideration the impact that heat can have.

"During heat waves and whenever temperatures reach or exceed 95 degrees, employers must take additional steps to monitor workers for signs and symptoms of heat illness," said CAL/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum.

At GoodFaith, we put in place several practices to ensure our employees are healthy and feeling well on these hot summer days so that it is easy for them to continue doing a great job.


At GoodFaith, we have our employees and supervisors review our IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) materials on heat injury illness prevention every year in the beginning of the summer.


Having plenty of water available for employees is important at all times, but especially when it's hot out. Dehydration can quickly impair people. At GoodFaith, we supply ample water for all our employees. We also have a freezer and refrigerator available to get the water cold and keep it cool all day.


When it's warm outside, often the best place to be is in the shade. And, when it's hot out the best place to be is inside in an air conditioned environment. At GoodFaith, we have both. Outside, we have a sun shade with tables and chairs where there's plenty of shade and employees can take breaks and eat lunch. We also have a lunch room inside the office for employees to take breaks or eat lunch that is kept cool with air conditioning. Many of our employees are away from the office for most of the day: drivers are out picking up clients to get them to and from their appointments. It's important that they know there's a comfortable place for them to enjoy their lunch.


As a non-emergency medical transportation company we need to make sure our vehicles are running well. Not only for the comfort and safety of our employees, but also the comfort and safety of our customers. That's why our entire fleet of vehicles are serviced at least once every 6 months. In the summer we often have some of our vehicles checked more often because it is so important that they run well and that the air conditioning system is working at its maximum. Even with that planning, we know that sometimes things can still go wrong, this is why we have an 'AC Guy', he is on-call. This way, if we do have any problems they are resolved quickly and expertly.

These are some of the special precautions we take when the weather heats up. What do you do at your business? Are there any other things we should do to ensure our employees and customers are comfortable?

With over 25 years of service, GoodFaith Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Co., Inc. continues to provide safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation services to our ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney patients in select cities in the Counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. Call (909) 888-5818 to schedule a pick up or get more information about the services we provide.




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