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GoodFaith Medical Transportation at St. Bernardine Medical Center

GoodFaith Medical Transportation works with with hospitals throughout the Inland Empire. We have contracts with several hospitals including St. Bernardine Medical Center. GoodFaith Medical Transportation has been providing non-emergency medical transportation to and from the highly regarded SBMC for years.

St. Bernardine Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in the Inland Empire. It’s a non-profit acute-care hospital with a full range of services. Their leading edge technology, innovative techniques and the noted care they provide make SBMC a recommended choice for patients. Some highlights include being the home of The Inland Empire Heart & Vascular Institute, their successful Orthopedics team, being a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, and their Center for Imaging. For all their different services we can provide prompt, courteous and affordable non-emergency medical transportation.

The Inland Empire Heart & Vascular Institute is at St. Bernardine Medical Center. It is the regional leader in cardiac care. Patients visit the institute for doctor’s appointments, treatment, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, check-ups and more.

stbernardinemedicalc...We are able to assist many of these patients with our ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney accessible vehicles. All of our drivers possess CPR/First Aid Certificates and are trained in proper oxygen administration.

The institute has more than 45 cardiac specialists, five catheterization labs, cardiothoracic surgery suites, outpatient cardiac rehabilitation facilities, and a heart care clinic.

The Orthopedic team at St. Bernardine Medical Center treats knee pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder pain, and hip problems. They are considered one of the best in the state for total hip and knee replacements, hip fracture repairs and spinal surgery. We can help patients get to and from the hospital for consultations, treatments and rehabilitation.

Among many other awards, the hospital has received the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. Their surgical weight loss unit utilizes a team of physicians, surgeons and nurses, nutritionists, counselors and therapists. Surgical weight loss program coordinator’s guide patients through the process including pre and post operative appointments to make sure the surgery is a success. GoodFaith Medical Transportation can be relied on to get patients to and from their appointments comfortably and on-time.

St. Bernardine recently renovated their Center for Imaging to add advanced technologies and services as well as create a soothing environment for patients. They boast their facilities speedy appointment availability Monday – Friday, offering same day or next day appointments for most diagnostic services.

At GoodFaith Medical transportation we also provide same-day or pre-scheduled service. Even if it’s the day of the appointment we can bring patients to their appointment at the Center for Imaging at SBMC.

If you are a current or future patient at St. Bernardine Medical Center and would like safe, reliable, and on time transportation services, whether you are seeing their Inland Empire Heart & Vascular Institute, their Orthopedic team, or going to their Center for Imaging, we can help.

Our vans are equipped with ADA certified hydraulic lifters for patients with wheelchairs, have provisions for gurney patients and raised doors and ceilings for our patients comfort and safety. We also have IMS dropped-floor minivans accessible for easier access for many patients.

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