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New Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT) Facility Coming to San Bernardino

The County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health recently celebrated the groundbreaking of a new crisis residential treatment (CRT) facility. The facility will encompass a 16-bed unit specializing in providing crisis intervention for individuals diagnosed with mental health and/or co-occurring substance use disorders. Services include assessments, treatment plan development, crisis intervention, medication support services, individual and group therapy and more.

GoodFaith Non-Emergency Medical Transportation President, Connie Threlkel, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

During the opening remarks of the event Supervisor James Ramos said, “We also see the importance of being proactive to the issues here in San Bernardino county. Way before the incarceration starts to take place. Way before [trips to] the emergency room start to take place. We have to be proactive as a county and with the city agencies working together to make sure we are identifying those needs ahead of time.”

The goal of the program is to improve the appropriateness of care, increase access to community based mental health crisis services, reduce recidivism, and mitigate the burden on hospital and law enforcement resources.

The CRT is a lower cost community-based treatment option in a home-like setting that helps reduce emergency department visits and diverts hospitalization and/or incarcerations.

For more information on the CRT’s services and programs, call (909) 388-0802.

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GoodFaith Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in San Bernardino County provides safe, reliable and on time transportation services for ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher clients. Call (909) 888-5818 to schedule a pick up or get more information about the services we provide.




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